Top Tips To Find the Right Food Manufacturer for Your C-Store

Top Tips To Find the Right Food Manufacturer for Your C-Store

Food in a C-Store or micro market is vital – it’s a matter of survival! Even micro markets that work inside businesses and hotels have realized the benefits of working with a food manufacturer to offer products that consumers with busy lifestyles want. There are many good food manufacturers out there but there are some who go over and above. You just need to know how to find the right food manufacturer and understand what it means for them to be the “right” one.

What You Should Look For in Food Manufacturing

First off, you want a food manufacturer who provides quality products on a consistent basis. Customers are not going to be satisfied with poor quality food. They can tell the difference. Offering superior products is important to gaining satisfied and loyal customers. Therefore, you want a food manufacturer that has a proven track record of manufacturing quality products. Ask for references. Talk to other customers. Read reviews online. Get informed.

Having a quality product is important, but so is how the product is packaged. Making sure that products are packaged in an appealing way is important to attract customers. Brand and image matter and are affected but not just the design but the look and feel of the paper used. Your food manufacturer should provide this service to you or provide referrals to where you can receive the support you need in designing and printing the package.

Look for a food manufacturer who provides options. Do you want to offer breakfast and/or lunch offerings? Today, with so many people being more health conscious, you could also seek options for food manufacturing that reflect a healthier approach for this growing market. If you don’t have a good idea of the types of food you want to serve in your C-Store then interview your potential food manufacturer to find out what options they can offer or feedback on their experience working with other C-Stores.

The Name of the Game…Convenience

When a customer comes in to purchase your food service products, they are doing it for convenience. After all, that’s why you are in the C-Store business – to provide convenience to your customers. You want products that are easy to heat up and that taste good. Find a food manufacturer who understands this and makes your consumers’ needs top priority.

High Industry Standards

The manufacturer you choose should adhere to the highest of food manufacturing standards. This includes using safe, high-quality ingredients and being USDA compliant in their manufacturing processes. Look for a food manufacturer who has obtained a Safe, Quality Food (SQF) certification because this shows their effort to control food quality hazards to ensure the foods they supply are safe.

By taking all the above factors into account, finding a food manufacturer to supply your C-Store no longer needs to feel like an impossible task.


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