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2018 Brings Big Changes to Nutrition Labels

With an increased emphasis toward health and nutrition, the FDA is making substantial changes to the nutrition label we are so used to seeing on nearly all packaged food items. While the modifications may not seem significantly different, the message they communicate to customers can play a role in the assumed health of the product… continue reading »

Creating Success In 2018 Through Nutrition and Flavor

Anyone who’s been in the food industry for a length of time has seen trends come and go, and often has to adjust their product offerings or marketing strategies to appeal to the next up-and-coming idea. For micro markets looking to make a splash in 2018, there are clear indications of what consumers are looking… continue reading »

Millennials and the Food Industry: Tapping into Amazing Growth

Employers are often placed in the difficult position of having to reevaluate their hiring practices, policies, and overall work environment as their workforce ebbs and flows throughout the years. Where jobs were once viewed as a steady career instead of a several year endeavors, baby-boomers exiting the working world has created a shift in attitudes…. continue reading »

2018 Looks to be Full of Incredible Flavor

Anyone in the food industry, from restaurants and micro markets to manufacturing and more, knows that innovative flavors can be the ultimate key to success. Each year, the chefs at McCormick & Co evaluate current food trends and identify flavors that they think will make a big impact in the coming year. For 2018, people’s… continue reading »

2018 Brings New Horizons for Food

You might think that the food we eat is fairly basic and doesn’t have much opportunity in the way of changing or becoming better, but just like technology has made leaps and bounds in recent decades, our eating choices are about to embark on the same path. Experts in the industry are excited for what… continue reading »