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Packaging Capabilities
Meeting the Needs of Retail and Food Service Operations

Packaging Capabilities

At Grand Prairie Foods, we utilize various production and packaging capabilities that allow us to participate in nearly all segments of both retail and foodservice operations. Some of these methods include Vertical Form Fill, Flow Wrapping, Bulk Foodservice, and Retail Packaging.

Vertical Form Fill allows us to bag products into a wide range of portion sizes with precise control; ranging from four ounces to four-pound offerings.

Flow Wrapping provides an efficient method for producing a large quantity of specific builds in a short duration. This helps us keep customer orders on track with efficient service.

Bulk Foodservice is a great option for any operator needing offerings available in mass quantity for their own specific needs. In this fashion, Grand Prairie Foods products are able to be utilized by clientele as efficient back-of-the-house offerings. In addition, it allows the opportunity for the client to employ their own re-packaging method to fit their needs.

Retail Packaging is conducive to those looking for a finished, branded product ready for resale at the market level. This method includes pre-printed, bag-craft, high-barrier, and bake-able film.

Taking into account our capabilities and willingness to work independently with each customer, it is readily apparent that we have an option for everyone.

Please contact us directly with any additional questions regarding our Packaging Capabilities. We would enjoy brainstorming the possibilities with you!