Refrigerated Liquid Eggs

No More Cracking, Only Cooking!

Grand Prairie Foods Liquid Egg Carton

Our ready to cook refrigerated liquid scrambled egg blend takes the cracking out of your process! From enhanced flavor profiles to customized packaging and boutique-like customer service for even the largest chains, Grand Prairie Foods is here to help provide you the refrigerated egg solutions your business needs.

Your Advantages

Ready to Cook Eggs – No More Cracking, Only Cooking!

Our pasteurized refrigerated liquid eggs provide increased efficiency and safety in your kitchens. Say goodbye to cracking eggs and messy shells…just pour for 100% usable product.

Save Time. Save Labor. Increase Safety.

Your kitchen staff will gain time, you will save on labor and minimize waste with the convenience of our scramble blend. Further; our pasteurizing process destroys dangerous bacteria and viruses, eliminating your fears by knowing you have purchased your pasteurized product monitored by the USDA.

Customizable Flavor Profiles

Looking for custom flavor profiles to meet the ever-changing tastes of your customers? Look no further. The Grand Prairie Foods R&D team works alongside you to concept your own custom refrigerated liquid egg formulations. Then our manufacturing process allows us the ability to create that unique egg blend that meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Customizable Egg Cartons

Design your gable top egg carton to best reflect your brand. Need help with the egg carton design? Grand Prairie Foods offers packaging set up and design services as well.

Extended Shelf Life Eggs

Our scrambled egg blend doesn’t dry out as quickly as whole eggs. Additionally, when stored unopened at 33 – 40 degrees, our refrigerated eggs have an extended shelf life of 70 days allowing you to use only what you need, when you need it, helping eliminate waste from your kitchen.

Make Orders – Large and Small

You can place orders as large as you like but for those smaller orders you might need, we can manufacture customized orders as small as 6,000 pounds.

Boutique Like Customer Service

Our customers can expect personal attention from even the highest level of our company. Grand Prairie Foods was founded on relationships and that’s why we continue to grow. From a friendly voice answering the phone to personal, customized attention through our partnership.


Item Number UPC Description Pack Size
30170510817058011851Refrigerated Liquid Eggs15 - 2 lbs