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Kurt Loudenback Interviewed by Sioux Falls Startup Stories

Grand Prairie Foods Founder and Owner, Kurt Loudenback, was recently interviewed by Josh with Sioux Falls Startup Stories. You can listen to the podcast HERE. Kurt shares some surprising stories about how Grand Prairie Foods has grown to where it is now! Stories range from buying the business, to having to start from scratch, to… continue reading »

What New Nutrition Labels Mean for The Food Industry

When you go grocery shopping, how often do you purchase food based on its nutrition label compared to how delicious it looks? The impact of nutrition guidelines has been examined as of late, and in 2016 the FDA announced that a new labeling system would be implemented. While companies had a certain period to comply,… continue reading »

Grand Prairie Foods Summer Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating our new expansion and showing our deep appreciation to all our employees for all their hard work. It is because of them that we have gotten to where we are today. The Board of Directors graciously served lunch to our employees and their families. We had an awesome Nepali… continue reading »