Why We Love Eggs (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Eggs (And You Should Too!)

Today’s health-conscious consumers are showing a preference for healthier food choices whenever possible. They are looking for more natural foods with ingredients they can trust. One food that has always fit the bill and has always been right under our noses is the simple egg, which has always been a 100% natural and nutritious food. If you’re not offering healthy breakfast sandwiches among your quick grab meals, you are missing the boat on healthy food offerings for your customers. An egg breakfast sandwich is more appealing to the health-conscious consumer than unhealthy, sugar-laden breakfast choices. Trends are showing more and more Americans are taking a closer look at their breakfast choices.

The Incredible Egg

For years you’ve probably heard the American Egg Board’s slogan on TV or on the radio referring to “the incredible, edible egg” and never really given it a second thought. But stop for just a moment and consider what makes an egg one of the best foods for people to eat. For a low-calorie food, the egg really packs a punch. They are loaded with nutrition and contain 13 essential nutrients and included high-quality protein. Eggs are also a great non-dairy source of vitamin D for people who need to shy away from dairy products, especially when they are on the move, but want something nutritious like a breakfast sandwich on-the-go.

Giving People What They Want

Adding healthier choices to your menu allows you to expand your target consumers and helps keep you competitive in a changing food market where consumers are seeking more natural foods:

  • Consumers feel good about buying foods with recognizable ingredients that they trust.
  • 85 percent of consumers consider eggs as a wholesome and nutritious meal choice.
  • An egg is simply an egg and it cannot be genetically modified.
  • Certain customers are often willing to pay more for foods with natural ingredients.

The Bottom Line on Eggs for Your C-Store

Egg products are available in various formats, so it isn’t always necessary to have actual eggs on hand. Eggs maintain their flavor, nutritional value and functionality in products whether the eggs are converted to refrigerated liquids, frozen or dried. They are also very cost-effective when purchased in these other forms.

If you need proof of what an egg breakfast sandwich and other egg breakfast items can do for your store’s bottom-line, look no further than McDonald’s success with their breakfast menu. Breakfast items account for 15 percent of the company’s sales. Including eggs on your private label breakfast sandwich offerings is good for your C-Store’s bottom-line and gives your


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