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We Make it Easy for Our Customers to Enjoy Great Food!


At Grand Prairie Foods, family is at the heart of what we do!

Kurt and Val Loudenback have owned and operated Grand Prairie Foods since 2003. From the very beginning, serving our customers the best quality food has been priority #1 using innovation and maintaining our world-class standards. Our philosophy is simple:

“We Make It Easy For Our Customers To Enjoy Great Food!”

For all these years, our customers have enjoyed the very best cuisine we offer at Grand Prairie Foods. With our “Can Do” attitude we provide delicious meal options for a variety of industries from the hospitality industry all the way to the fitness enthusiast’s breakfast table. We are devoted to supplying our customers with convenient, grab & go food options. We define our business as hospitality, not food service. This is a critical distinction. Our responsibility isn’t limited to assuring our food is unfailingly delicious – that is simply the “price of entry.” We must also connect with our customers in a meaningful way.

Grand Prairie Foods, based in the heartland of America, encompasses the belief that anything can be accomplished with a little caress, innovation, and dedication. We roll up our sleeves, brush the flour off our hands and strive to prepare each product with wholesome goodness. We are proud of the multiple capabilities we can offer our clients, including private labeling, food service, retail, and more. Our flexibility has allowed us to work with world leaders in the food industry.

Commitment to excellence is a part of every facet of Grand Prairie Foods – quality food is what we do.


Grand Prairie Foods SQF Certification
Department of Agriculture


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At Grand Prairie Foods, our dedication goes beyond delivering top-tier quality foods. Our passion for exceptional cuisine is matched only by our devotion to giving back to the community that has been so good to us.

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From tailored creations to industry classics, we offer a diverse array of delectable options. Whether you’re in hospitality, retail, or any sector in between, our expertise ensures that your culinary needs are met with mouthwatering solutions.

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Have a culinary concept in mind? We’re not just chefs – we’re culinary innovators. Collaborate with us, and let’s craft something just for your needs.