Millennials and the Food Industry: Tapping into Amazing Growth

Millennials and the Food Industry: Tapping into Amazing Growth

Employers are often placed in the difficult position of having to reevaluate their hiring practices, policies, and overall work environment as their workforce ebbs and flows throughout the years. Where jobs were once viewed as a steady career instead of a several year endeavors, baby-boomers exiting the working world has created a shift in attitudes.

Millennials are now at the forefront of the hiring list, with people ranging in age from 18 to 34 applying for positions that they might not want in a few years’ time. How does an employer manage this constant change and use it to their advantage, particularly in the food industry? It all starts with mindset and an eye on the future.

Examining the Millennial

At first glance, suggesting that a millennial might change the face of the food industry isn’t a tall order to fill. With proper credit given to the many advancements in food offerings over the last several decades, it’s fair to say that things still are somewhat similar to how they were way back when. We’re in a prime position for someone like a millennial to come in and shake things up a bit for the better!

And that’s exactly what millennials are known for: innovative ideas, looking at problems from other angles and using technology to their advantage. Not only does the increasing number of millennials offer more bodies to employ, but they bring along with them valuable skills.

While it would behoove any employer to create a workplace environment that engages and challenges this age group, it’s essential that those in the food industry stay particularly aware of the needs of millennials. Using tools to create real-time feedback, setting standards of performance, and thinking outside of the box are key elements to their, and your, success.

Relating to the Food Industry

2018 is poised and ready to make some major changes to the food world, whether it’s in the ingredients we use, where we source them, or how we modify the shopping experience for those around the world. Our ability to connect with others has influenced the direction of product development, manufacturing, distribution, and more, and having young and sharp minds at the helm of the ship will work to develop these changes even further.

Statistics as recent as 2016 show a 70% turnover rate in the hospitality industry alone, with many other branches of food companies suffering a similar fate. Instead of continuing to follow along in the same footsteps as our forefathers, let’s cast aside the rulebook and give millennials the opportunity to make major changes. After all, not only do they make up the largest percentage of the workforce, but they know exactly what customers are looking for as their peers are more than likely your largest group of patrons.

Change can be difficult, but it’s a necessary step to foster growth in the food industry. Explore the ways your processes or products can change to better accommodate millennials, and then sit back while you enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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