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C-Store Dilema: To Add Food or Not?

The convenience store industry set a record last year for in-store sales, not including gas sales reaching $233 billion, which was 3.2 percent more than the previous year. This year C-stores are expected to see even more in-store sale gains. This can be traced to C-store customers having more cash freed up from lower gas… continue reading »

Understanding College Aged Appetites

If you have had any experience with having a college-age child, you probably know all too well that most have very healthy appetites. All the studying and running around they do can really build up an appetite. Remember the old saying about college student’s gaining their “freshman 15”? But gone are the days where greasy… continue reading »

Grand Prairie Foods Summer Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating our new expansion and showing our deep appreciation to all our employees for all their hard work. It is because of them that we have gotten to where we are today. The Board of Directors graciously served lunch to our employees and their families. We had an awesome Nepali… continue reading »

Our People, Our Food, Our Heart

To succeed in business today as private label food suppliers, it is not enough to just have great products. You need the support of a great team behind you and you need to be socially responsible. Here at Grand Prairie Foods, we work toward those goals every day in our Sioux Falls, SD manufacturing facilities…. continue reading »

Why We Love Eggs (And You Should Too!)

Today’s health-conscious consumers are showing a preference for healthier food choices whenever possible. They are looking for more natural foods with ingredients they can trust. One food that has always fit the bill and has always been right under our noses is the simple egg, which has always been a 100% natural and nutritious food…. continue reading »

Top Tips To Find the Right Food Manufacturer for Your C-Store

Food in a C-Store or micro market is vital – it’s a matter of survival! Even micro markets that work inside businesses and hotels have realized the benefits of working with a food manufacturer to offer products that consumers with busy lifestyles want. There are many good food manufacturers out there but there are some… continue reading »


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