Gluten Free
Bread, Dessert & Sandwich Products To Meet Your Gluten Free Needs

About Our Gluten-Free Capabilities

Grand Prairie Foods began production of gluten-free food in early 2016 via Sweet Christine’s Gluten-Free Bakery. Sweet Christine’s Founder and Chief Culinary Innovator Christine Ruggio, began developing gluten-free product recipes due to her and her daughter’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

At Grand Prairie Foods, we take pride in the production of our ever-growing gluten-free product line. With our expansive production facility that is dedicated specifically to all things gluten-free, we take careful steps to ensure cross contamination ceases to exist.

Our 6,000-square foot gluten-free facility produces a variety of bread, dessert and sandwich products that will meet any of your gluten-free needs. This facility has been certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group and is also SQF Level 3 Certified and nut free.

Together we are striving to make innovative, high-quality gluten-free products readily available in the marketplace. We understand that in today’s world, not only Celiac and Gluten Intolerant consumers are seeking foods sourced and produced without gluten; it is quite common for segments of the population with Autism, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to be acutely aware of the need for a gluten-free lifestyle.

Additionally, others that are consciously adopting a gluten-free diet include those looking to do so for overall health and wellness. This segment primarily falls within the younger college-aged demographic who are inclined to select these healthier options. At the same time, they are still the most likely to be willing to indulge in baked goods and sweets.

All of the gluten-free product we produce is shipped and stored frozen with a year-long shelf life; this makes for ease of inventory control and maximizing efficiency when servicing various clientele. Upon delivery, clients are able to utilize product from either a frozen or ambient state. All items enjoy a seven-day product shelf life from an ambient state.

Many of the items we produce are individually wrapped and available for both back-of-the-house foodservice as well as branded resale options within on-campus C-Stores, Micro-Markets, Coffee Shops, Health-Care Facilities, and the like.

Please contact us directly with any additional questions regarding our Gluten-Free Operations. We would be happy to help.